~ A Food Agency ~

Providing expert guidance & Support to operators and investors


The Concept & Creative

  • Investors support
  • Research & Development
  • Food experiences & Restaurant concepts
  • Special Dietary
  • Beverage Pairing | Mixology
  • Creative Retail Solutions

  • The Resources & Expertise

  • Extensive network and resources in all aspects of the
    food, beverage and hospitality industry
  • Highly skilled specialists
  • Celebrity Chefs

  • apple2

    The Products & Processes

  • Ingredients expertise
  • Ready made solution
  • Food manufacturing product guidance
  • Food marketing support & Guidance
  • Special dietary & Food allergies
  • Operational support, audits, analysis

  • The Technology & Systems

  • Driving Revenue through Technology
  • F&B / Culinary technology integrations
  • Food transformation optimization
  • Universal control systems: Food Safety, Quality, Costs
  • Keeping up or ahead of Trends

  • ~New Challenges Bring New Opportunities~
    3Di Creative Food Group LLC., a Nevada Corporation comprised of Expert Conceptual & Consulting members that truly understand what it means to be in business. 
    Our consulting and partnering structure is established to be committed to a 100% value-driven approach, never conflicting with your bottom line. 


    Your Allergy Chefs
    Rob Floyd Entertainment - Bar Expert
    Rob Floyd Entertainment - Bar Expert

    Rob Floyd – AS SEEN ON TV 

    Expert Mixologist.

    Welbilt Brands
    Cuisine Solutions
    George's Provisions, Los Angeles



    3Di Creative Food Concepts and Consulting team understands what it means to be in business.

    Our business model is to work like we are part of yours, we are totally committed to make your business, systems and product better with a positive impact on your guests/customers satisfaction as well as your bottom line. We have created our consulting and partnering structure in a way that is completely value driven.

    We strive to provide you with the best service and expertise in the hospitality business, restaurant / bar investors and operators. Sharing our vast expertise combined with our strong ethics, our focus is on carving the path to provide solutions via realistic tools and creativity, cultivating confidence so that  you, our clients & your customers may indulge in our value driven, accessible, affordable and uber creative concepts & services.

    Our  company was established on the simplicity of the idea to coach our client/partners with our best for their best.

    We have a tremendous respect and veneration for ingredients and all components of the food business.

    We mentor from a place of steadfast morals and a discipline that is inherent in our core ethical and honest business practices.


    Core Values

    Innovative  |   Committed to innovate each time we bring our expertise to you.
    Our Concepts always carry an innovative touch & twist. No matter what !

    Accessible  |   We are your partners and we mean it.

    We design our services and options around your needs and means, one hour at a time if this is your best fit.

    Adaptable   |   Solutions custom fit to your needs and budget, supporting you and your business.
    Concepts tailored to your market and vision.

    Sustainable   |   We are committed to work with your budget and deliver healthy business results.
    Sustainability in our concepts by proposing green solutions via products, equipment, resources and infrastructure.

    Value   |   Delivering  constant and valued results.
    Concepts developed for the  right value perception and  planned growth.

    Strategic   |   Services designed to complement the resources and needs of your business, as it grows, our support does.
    Futuristic or just a twist of innovative with modern concepts and methodologies, positioning you on the path to be a pioneer or a leader in the your market.